PDX STOCK, LLC is an online stock photography website that features photographs of Portland, OR and the surrounding area. Our mission is to offer The Best Photography Made in Oregon. Our exclusive collection of photographs is custom edited to be high-quality, unique and authentic. We cull together exclusive photographs of the attractions, culture, neighborhoods, regional destinations and transportation in the Portland metro area. We offer simplified rights-managed pricing tiers based on value rather than pixels. 


Portland, OR photographer Lincoln Barbour founded PDX STOCK, LLC in 2020 during the Covid-10 pandemic. With photo assignments grinding to a halt for him and his fellow photographers, Lincoln decided to create something that would help the photo community in general. He established a niche photo marketplace dedicated to the beautiful, the weird and authentic city vibe of Portland.

Much of the initial library was from Lincoln’s own personal archive and features over 15 years of photography ranging from restaurants to parks to landscapes.