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Weekly Fresh: Let’s take a ride!

For this week’s Weekly Fresh, we explore Portland’s rail system. Make sure to check schedule’s and safety policies when planning your trip. Keep reading and subscribe to our feed or join our newsletter to get this post delivered to you every week.

Boarding the Max at the Portland Convention Center

One day the Blazers will return, and the MAX is a great way to get there.

A Tunnel of Trees in Downtown Portland

Or perhaps you’re already downtown and want to get over to the Farmer’s Market, the Portland Streetcar might be just the ticket.

Pioneer Square South Max Stop

Downtown! The lights are much brighter there, forget all your troubles…

A Portland Streetcar Going Over the Tilikum Crossing

Using Portland’s TriMet system is a great way to commute across town.

A MAX Train Pulling Into the Sunset Transit Center

Maybe you just want to take a ride out of town and see what’s at the end of the line…

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Eagle Creek Trail

On this section of the Eagle Creek Trail, it winds through a lush forest. Taken September, 2016.

A Couple at Punch Bowl Falls

A couple rests along the rocky banks of Eagle Creek and takes in the serene surroundings on a beautiful summer day. Taken September, 2016.