Pricing & Usage

The Old Way

Pricing for stock photography usually falls in two categories: Royalty-Free (RF) and Rights Managed (RM). Royalty-Free photos you can use anyway you want, you just pay for the size you need. The larger the photo you need, the more it costs. In Rights Managed licensing, you pay for how the photos will be used, no matter the size. BUT, you have to pay for every type of usage. If you want to use the same photo on your website, in your brochure, and on your social media, then you have to buy three seperate licenses! It’s cumbersome and expensive.

The New Way

Our solution is to offer a simple tiered pricing model called Broad Rights Managed or BRM for short. The pricing tiers are as follows.

  • $3,995 – Unlimited
  • $995 – Advertising
  • $445 – Marketing+
  • $245 – Marketing
  • $795 – Editorial Cover (Print + e-Rights)
  • $165 – Editorial (Print + e-Rights)

Each of these tiers includes usage of the photographs in any size, any industry, any media, any quantity, any region for 1 full year.

The BRM model gets you the unrestricted use without having to pay more for larger files or pay more for multiple usages. It’s the best of both worlds.

What’s Included in Your Broad Rights Managed License

Below is a chart of what usage rights are included with each tier.

Social Media (Non-Ad)
Print & Electronic Magazines✖️✖️✖️
News Outlets✖️✖️✖️
Direct Mail✖️
Email Marketing✖️
Point of Purchase✖️✖️
Print Advertising✖️✖️✖️
Electronic Advertising✖️✖️
Point of Sale Advertising✖️✖️✖️✖️
Outdoor Advertising✖️✖️✖️✖️


What if I need the photos for more than one year?
Easy, you come back and renew whenever you’re ready OR contact our sales team to talk about extended licensing.

Do I need to take down photos on blog posts, electronic editorial, or social media after one year?
No. You can leave the photos posted in their final placement. You just can’t reuse them after one year.

What if I want a usage not listed or secure exclusive rights?
Anything is negotiable. Contact our sales team today and we can work out something that will suits your needs.